Windows 7 is said to be a great OS, even better in Beta than any prior version of Windows was at release. It's supposedly not as huge of a resource hog, and the prospect of being able to pick up a Windows 7/ION platform netbook late this year or sometime early next year had me salivating in anticipation.

Until I read this article on Laptopmag's blog.

The scoop is that the version of Windows 7 we'll likely see on netbooks is the "Starter Edition." The Starter Edition is apparently an abomination that only lets you run three apps at a time, not including apps in the system tray that run as services, such as your virus scanner (unless you launch it into a window mode).

Now, what kind of marketing genius thinks of this crap? Spend MORE money to create a build of the OS with LESS features, to sell for LESS? Do we really need six freaking versions of Windows 7 anyway?

I may be running Android after all. More likely eeeBuntu or something similar.

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