More news about the Psion lawsuit and Intel's counter suit today.  The last I heard, Intel was claiming that Psion had not used the Netbook trademark since 2003, when it gave up on its own device with an oh-so-similar form factor and niche.

However, the story linked above states:

In the filing, Psion lists retail sales (in dollars) of laptop computers "under Psion's NETBOOK mark" in the U.S. from 1999 to the present. For example, in 2005 Psion cites sales of netbooks at $1,709,433, in 2006 sales were $2,073,207, and in 2007, Psion says retail sales were $586,680.

I'm thinking that Intel and Psion are going to end up settling on this one. I don't think that Psion has an especially strong case, and the whole thing smells to me like an attempt to cash in on a trend the company failed to get off the ground itself. However, Intel's claim that the Netbook trademark was abandoned may be weakened if the court finds in favor of Psion on this point.

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